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Streamed lined real estate and deed preparation services

Attorney Justin R. Wall has the experience and knowledge needed to achieve your real estate and deed preparation goals in a timely and systematic manner. We can prepare your general warranty deeds, special warranty deeds, quitclaim deeds, corporate warranty deeds, personal representative deeds, and trustee deeds.

We’re proud to say we offer one of the most impeccable and affordable deed preparation services in Huntington, Wabash Columbia City and Bluffton, Indiana.  We can prepare your deeds starting at $40!


We also offer legal services pertaining to quitclaims, warranty, tax sales, personal representative, adverse possession claims, foreclosures, repossessions, litigation, land contracts, and leases.

Affordable deed drafting services

We offer evening and weekend appointments and reasonable rates. We can even provide you with a closing affidavit for an additional $25 per deed. We also offer legal services for rental agreements, purchases, agreements, landlord and tenant disputes, and quiet title actions.

Deed drafting at your convenience

Our quick and organized deed drafting services will help you and your clients save money, increase your profits and boost your bottom line.

Call today to schedule your initial consultation!

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Disclaimer: These materials have been prepared for informational purposes only. They highlight and illustrate certain legal information, but the information is not intended as, and should not be construed to be, legal advice.