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Don’t let your account receivables linger

Have you been waiting on money from a debtor? Does someone owe you money, but you can’t seem to get them to cooperate? Get the money that is rightfully yours with Wall Legal Services' trusted,  productive and timely collections services.

We believe in providing individualized services for all of our clients and being flexible with scheduling and billing. We have years of experience representing creditors and judgment holders in securing their rights against debtors. Whether you’d prefer a contingency or hourly-rate basis, we’ll bill you whichever way is more convenient for you.

Flexible services from our experienced attorney

Attorney Justin R. Wall has been providing dependable and systematic collection services to clients throughout Huntington, Wabash, Columbia City and Bluffton, Indiana.

Trusted attorney for all yourcollection needs

Attorney Justin R. Wall is dedicated to getting our clients their desired results in the most timely, cost-effective matter possible.

Call today to schedule your consultation with Attorney Justin R. Wall at:

(260) 504-2714


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